Pictures of Projects

Sometimes you just want to see pictures and not read all the stuff and scroll for what seems like forever.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the blog post. So, here we go.



lbdfancybutterfly petticoat  

pokecirclefirisf   strawberryF



pokemonbluefflowerylovefstarry dressf

1157 ftardis dress frontjacket fredfrontheartback heartfront tia front startrekfront summerbowfront summerbowback blueheartfront linenflowersfront circles lines red jeans sweetf notacambiefront windy blue floweryjersey pinkbowback f bowbackshirtbrownf bowbackshirtbrownb tonic green burdabowf purple bow2 badguysf bowf bowb s2451o simplicity2451f burda1f cakef jeansf 2451f floral front dotorwhocomicdressfront s2444f


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