Starry Dress

I have always wanted a dress with little stars on it.  I had seen a few dresses with stars and wished I had one.  Now I do.  I used my severely altered Elizabeth dress pattern from Burdastyle.  I also took the sleeve pattern from a Mccall’s pattern (5971).  I really love the sleeves.  I’ve been trying to perfect the fit of the pattern.  Every time I make it I notice something else that is off.  This is my latest make of same pattern different fabric.  It is my favorite dress.  The fit is pretty good and it is very comfortable.  A dress would be useless if it didn’t have pockets.  These pockets are huge, which is exactly what I wanted.

I lined the bodice and the sleeves.  I didn’t have any dark fabric, or fabric leftovers of the starry fabric, so I used white muslin, eep.  It’s ok, I think.  I does show a little on the underside of the sleeves, and, of course, my “hidden” pockets, aren’t very hidden. Oh well, whatevs.  I seriously miss Hancock’s.  That is where I would buy all of my lining from.  Boo hoo.

I always wear it with my petticoat.  I made the petticoat from cotton muslin.  Since it is cotton, it is nice and comfortable, and clings to the dress fabric.  This means, on windy days my skirt doesn’t fly up as much.  You can see it peeking in the front in the picture.  My husband took the picture at Balboa park in San Diego.  It’s so pretty there.

I want a few more starry dresses.  I see a constellation and hopefully a glow in the dark on my fabric wish list.

I do wish I had selected a different pattern.  After I made it, I had visions of something more interesting.  I’ll just have to hunt for more fabric like this.

This dress has the best fit so far.  Now I might concentrate on another Cambie wannabe, some princess seams, sun dresses or maybe I’ll keep making this pattern over and over.

I have already worn this dress for a while.  I live in these last four dresses I’ve sewn.


Pokemon Dress

I loved pokemon when it came out.  Or at least when we got it.  I must admit I was no longer a “kid” or even a “teen”.  I still loved it and played it a lot.  Anyway, I would see the pokemon fabric at Joann’s and always looked at it wanting to buy it and make a dress, but a little afraid of teasing.  Why oh why am I still afraid of that?  Well, I said who cares? Because I like pokemon and I like the fabric.  I decided to get it.  Unfortunately, they no longer had the red one I liked better, not even online.  I loved using charmander when I originally played and remembered being a little upset that he ended up evolving.  I was very happy that this fabric had a nice shade of blue to it and it had my little charmander.

I’m still trying to get the pattern right.  I have a little wrinkly mess going on at the shoulders that I think I have fixed.  We will see.  First I want to get this pattern down right, then I can start sewing through my stash, or maybe making patterns again.  I am getting a little tired of the high necklines.  I still used my modified Burda Elizabeth dress for this. I’m still not sure why I keep trying to use that one when the Colette patterns fit me so much better out of the envelope.  I’ll probably go back to them next year.

I was quite upset.  When I finished the dress and was pressing the skirt, I found a fairly large defect.  It took a while to make the dress.  I stabilize the neckline, line it, interface the waistband and add pockets.  Each of these steps takes a little bit more time and I was so angry that I did not check the fabric.  It’s Joann’s not SAS.  I pay a premium so that I don’t have to do that, right? Anyway, after checking the skirt, I saw additional little bits of defects on the bodice.  I only purchased two yards and both were defective.  Bummer.  I still love the dress though.  I obviously can’t return it anymore, ha ha. I do plan on adding some hand stitching to hopefully, fix it or at least have it last a little longer.

I never do any pattern matching, since I try to budget my fabric.  In my head, the print is so busy, you don’t notice, unless you’re staring at my back.


Another Flowery Spring Dress

This is the dress that encouraged me to continue my quest for the perfect fit on a dress.  It is very comfortable.  This is the Elizabeth dress with the sleeves from Mccall’s 5971.  I think I made this in 2016. The fit is a little loose around the bust and above it. I fixed that in the next two dresses.

I didn’t sew as much in 2016.  I had goals, but, I did not achieve them.

The fabric on this one I find very pretty.  I purchased it from Hancock fabrics.  I still get a little teary eyed as I pass by the empty space in my neighborhood.   I loved that place.  It was always a happy place and people were always so friendly.  I could get really inexpensive basics there.  I miss it so much.


Flowery Spring Dress

I made this dress around Thanksgiving of 2016.  I love the fabric.  It is 100% cotton and very wrinkle resistant.  I had some issues around the shoulders.  I’m not sure what I did with the waistband.  It’s a bit weird and it sticks out.

I drafted tulip sleeves, but I failed.  They are all sorts of wrong.  Maybe next time.

I tried a lower back and a high front.  I think I should have made the back a little lower.

I’ll have to fix the shoulders.




GIR Hoodies

This year I asked Isaac what he wanted to be for Halloween.  I told him he could be anything.  I made suggestions, including Minecraft, Thor, Batman, and other stuff he is interested in.  At first he said Minecraft, but he was three at the time and I figured he would change his mind.  Well, he did.  One day he just said “I want to wear a Gir jacket for Halloween and you too.” Ok, my son wants to dress alike.  Done.  I still thought he might change his mind, so I waited until the last possible moment.  Yes.

A bit of history…. I had first seen a Gir jacket back in 2005 I think, online.  I thought it was so cute.  It was home sewn and I envied the girl that sewed it.  Oh how I wish I could sew.  I started looking at sewing blogs.  The next year I bought my first sewing machine.  Woo hoo! I don’t know why I waited 10! eek, years to sew it.  Well, maybe it’s because I might look silly in it.  I’m not a teenager anymore, but you know what, it makes me happy.  It won’t be an every day item I wear, but, it will be worn.  Maybe not this one, as much. I consider this is my wearable muslin.

I used Ottobre 2011-05 for mine.  I think I used an Ottobre magazine for his too, but I don’t remember which one.  I had labeled it “minion jacket”.  He was really into minions last year.  I made his jacket a bit big, on purpose.  He wore the last GIR hoodie I made him so much, it now fits him like a cropped jacket, a bolero.  This will replace the old one.

I used a 44 for the front and a 38 for the back.  I should have done a straight 44.  I compared the arm holes to the tonic tee and they were practically identical.  I didn’t really need to make any adjustments.  I did make the hood a little bit bigger so I could wear my hair clip with it.  I think on the next make I will add a cord to the hood. The zipper got a little ripply, oh well, next time.

I also made my pants, no big deal, just some stretchy twill.  I need to make the waistband smaller.  I made his pants too.  They aren’t in the picture.  Four items, four days.  Yikes.  They didn’t take long to make, thank goodness.






Simplicity 1157 – Maxi

I don’t have any cotton maxi dresses, so I decided to make one.  Well, it was a cotton/linen blend from Joann’s, if I remember right.

I started with Simplicity 1157.  I made the back as drafted, but it kept exposing my bra, unless I only left it open like 4 inches, which looked silly.

I grabbed the back from Simplicity 2444 and forgot to check to see if everything matched up before cutting into my fabric.  Thankfully it did.

I kept the same skirt, but spread it a few inches at the hem and pleated instead of gathering.

I added 3/4 in length to the bodice and one inch FBA.  I also scooped out the back so I wouldn’t be drowning in fabric.  I think I still am drowning in fabric.  I left the bodice a little looser than normal and it makes me look a little bigger than I am.

I also feel like I stepped out of some Jane Austen novel.  I know it’s not the same, but it’s just a whole lotta skirt.  I completely lined it because the fabric was so sheer.  I’m torn, I might leave the length, but I might just chop it to the knee.

1157 f


Tardis Dress

I was in a rush and decided to use the Elizabeth dress bodice again but change the neckline and add sleeves.  I tried to add bow sleeves. I also decided to add a side zipper instead, so I wouldn’t have to try to match the print.  The fabric was wide enough to allow me to do this with both bodice pieces next to each other, woohoo!!!!  For the first time ever, I might actually have enough to make a skirt! Bonus!

I left the bodice a little on the large side.  After a few washes it will shrink a little more.  I noticed that happened with my Star Trek dress and my Doctor Who comic dress.  I did prewash all fabrics, but they keep shrinking.  I’ve been keeping the Comic dress out of the dryer lately.

Not much else to say.  I do really like this dress quite a lot.  Of course it has pockets.



tardis bow
A closeup of the bow sleeve, since it isn’t really visible in the other shots.

On another note, we went on vacation to San Diego, and of course I bought way too much fabric, so, I’m planning to make 1 garment per week at least until the end of this year.  Since the weather is still nice, I will likely make dresses next. For the “Winter” I will probably fill my closet with knit dresses.  The thick textured knits I found at the swap meet.  Oh and I also bought some neoprene.  The price was a steal, I should have bought it all, all, all.  I will probably regret it someday. The below pictures are just a tiny bit of the fabric I got.  I think I can’t fit it all in one picture, even if I neatly set it on the floor.  It would probably take 5 pictures.  I blew my entire budget.

fabric purchase
Left to right, textured metallic jersey, black textured jersey, polka dot textured jersey, ITY knit, and probably what they call a scuba knit, it feels plastic-y and a little stiff.
more fabric
Another textured jersey knit, below it, a bright pink for piping.