Cake – The blank canvas tee – with a bow

I attempted this shirt.  The blank canvas tee from Cake.  I tried it with the bow hack.  I also tried to make it fitted, however I totally failed.  I am not used to clothes being this fitted. The back was way too tight.


I decided to add a 3 inch strip to the back in an attempt to save it.


I am not sure it is working.  The shoulders are way too wide now.

I already took out 1.5 inches for swayback, must take out more.

The fabric is mystery fabric that has the drape of neoprene.  I’ll try it again with a different fabric.  Why oh why do I not have fabrics appropriate for the projects I want to make?  I have so much fabric, yet nothing.  grrr.


Bow Back shirt – yes, another

Basic black bow back shirt.  My modified tonic tee, of course.

Boring right, but, closer to filling my closet with basic tops.  I modified the back neckline because it felt like the bow was pulling in at my shoulders.  It feels a touch too wide, but maybe I’ll just lower the bottom part to compensate.  I’ll have to wear it a while and see what I’ll do.  Plus, my result will be different with other knits.

The fabric is from the National City Swap meet.  There is a lady there that sometimes sells a bag of fabric for $5!  Most are 1 yard or less and often have printing errors, or holes, but for experiments, and muslins it is fantastic.  It also forces me to think creatively about what I will do with it. I bought 2 bags last time and I think I’ve sewn through 75% of it!

This fabric’s fiber content feels like a beefy cotton/spandex.

I will need to make more of these, but I don’t think I need to post any more of these, they all look the same.  I’ll try to make a different one next time, like a different colored bow or something.

bowf bowb

Burda 2013 02 #127 Gathered Raglan Sleeve Shirt

I really liked it when I saw it in the magazine.  I am in need of basic tops for skirts, so I decided to make it.  I really like it.  I think it will get a lot of wear.  Especially if I make more jeans.  I have plenty of fabric for that, but I just dislike jeans right now.  Maybe I’ll try a different kind of pant.

I made a quick muslin of the shirt.  It needed a petite adjustment in the shoulders.  The length is a little short, but I like it.  I think it’s perfect for my skirts.  I do think it could use an FBA.  The previous fabric was a lot more stretchy than this one.  I inserted the binding with too much stretching, so there are gathers around the neckline that I’m not too fond of.

I also made the jeans.  It was during my very rushed time of attempting to make 2 jeans, 3 tops and a jacket to got to San Diego.  I get cold and need a jacket when it’s less than 74 really. hahaha.  I guess living in Tucson will do that.  I was successful with my goal, 2 jeans (from old CK jeans I had), 3 tops (plantains) and a Burda jacket princess seams in the front, no collar just a zipper.  The jeans do not fit very well, and this fabric can stand up by itself.  However, it’s a better fit than ANY RTW that I have had, EVER.  The jacket desperately needed an FBA, but I didn’t have time to do the adjustments and make another. I unpicked the seam and sewed a teeny tiny seam allowance.  I guess I forgot to use a jersey needle or ballpoint.  I thought I did, but the unpicking made it have lots of holes.  Oh well.  I don’t really like wearing it.  I did during the trip because I was cold.  The shirts, just Plantain shirts, but I realized since I like my shirts shorter, the hip ease wasn’t working, as you can see here.  I think they would look nice if I left the length as drafted.

Anyway, Burda shirt right…..

Getting ready to water the plants, which is the only time I wear these pants.


Front Bow shirt – Burda 2010 02 #122 A

I was inspired after seeing Mikhaela’s version when she posted it.  I wanted to make my own, but of course I have a long list of stuff I want to make.  I am currently bow obsessed so I had to make it now now now.

I did modify it by quite a bit.  I think it would have been easier to modify a sloper than try to alter the pattern.  The original was just way too wide in the shoulders and really low cut.

It’s still a bit low cut and a uh, unflattering.  I really like the bow though.  Maybe I’ll get over the unflattering bit.