Simplicity 2451 Fail

I attempted another version of Simplicity 2451, but I totally failed with the fabric.  The fabric was a stiff cotton before washing.  After washing it was a wrinkled mess.  Any wrinkles did not seem to want to be pressed out.  Just moving in the skirt made it wrinkle.  It wrinkles worst than any linen I have ever seen!

Anyway, here is the evidence.



To top it all off, it’s not even very flattering. Boo.  I might still wear it. bwahahaha.  Why right?

I am also still seeing some weirdness like extra pooling in the swayback area.  I’ll get it right soon.

Anyway, I tried a kick pleat instead of a vent.  I always feel self conscious in skirts with vents.


The skirt hole ruined my day

It sounds like something you’d say while driving.  Anyway, I wasn’t driving.  I was sewing.  I managed to get over some fears of digging into fabric and making something new.

I made Burda 2007 09 #116, the tulip skirt.  It is so pretty.  I really liked it.  I think I should have made a size bigger.  I sewed the size 44 which was the largest size.  I also did a somewhat of a  tilted hip adjustment.  It wasn’t a proper tilted hip adjustment, but I think it worked.

I really liked it a lot, but as you can see, I did not finish it.


skirt hole4
Why am I so happy about the skirt hole?

As I was serging, fabric got caught and I well, serged a giant hole into it.

See the closeup?  It’s not going to be finished.  It will go to the trash.  Well, I’m taking out the zipper, then in the trash.


Well, the next skirt is cut.  I should have sized up and added a tiny bit of length.  Oh well.  Next time.

I will also need to make some tops to go with these skirts.  I think they need to be more fitted and shorter.  Maybe some kind of crop top?  We’ll see.