Sewing for Kids: Shorts

I sewed up some shorts for my 3 year old.  We have a tough time finding bottoms that fit him.  We don’t have issues with tops.  I made a total of 5 pairs of shorts using various fabrics.

This is just a basic short, no pockets.  I sewed it with some mystery cotton, probably quilting cotton.  The shirt is just a basic black shirt that we painted a Batman logo on.  The Batman logo glows in the dark, of course.

fire1 fire2

These other shorts I made took a little bit longer to pattern out.  Then when I was sewing them together I forgot to properly mark them, oops. hahahaha.  Anyway, I really like the result.  Same deal with the shirt.  RTW top painted with a creeper face, which glows in the dark.  These shorts are practice, because I want pants like these for me!

Isaac 2