Simplicity 8130 – Pokemon sundress

I am in love with this bodice pattern.  I kind of knew I was going to like it when I first saw it.  Simplicity 8130.  I omitted the buttons, but added a zipper.  My sewing machine does not handle buttonholes very well.  I could see myself making this top as just a top and not attaching a skirt to it.  I can do so much with this bodice though.  I have one more idea, but it will have to wait until we return from our vacation.  My weekly project pledge will have to take a pause for a week.

Full petticoat. Big skirt.

The skirt is Mccall’s 7626.  It is a 3/4 circle skirt, so it doesn’t take up as much fabric as a full circle skirt.  I had just enough of this pokemon fabric.  I had purchased all they had left at my local Joann’s about a year ago, about 1.25 yards or so.  I really wanted a dress so I held on to it until I found a good fabric that coordinated.  I couldn’t.  I wanted something summery and nothing looked good to me.  Then, I found the same fabric at another Joann’s and immediately purchased it.  It might not have even been on sale, gasp.


Once I started sewing, I was a little disappointed.  The fabrics are not quite the same.  One is a little thicker and darker than the other.  😦  Plus, it looked like it had a bleach stain here and there.  Thankfully, the fabric is so busy it’s not super visible.  What is it with my luck at Joann’s?  It’s as if I have better luck at the National City Swap meet.

More subtle on my monitor, or because of the camera, but a bit more visible IRL.
Small bleach type spot by Eevee’s ear.

Anyway.  I used a straight size 12 for the skirt, and the pockets, oh my goodness, the pockets.  This girl’s dream.  So large and generous.  Exactly what I want, plus, they get sewn a little into the waist seam.  Now my side seams don’t get pulled on as much when I pack (seriously, it’s like a small purse if you include total space for both pockets) my Nintendo DS and various chargers in my pockets.  The skirt fit perfectly to the bodice, thank goodness.


I also decided to add some soft horsehair braid to the hem.  It isn’t the super stiff kind, but it still adds a little drama.  It also makes it easier to hem.  I decided to hand sew the hem this time.  It took a while, but I didn’t have thread that matched exactly.


Without the full petticoat.  I am wearing a lightly gathered cotton petticoat.

I had been debating between blue and black for the bias.  I am glad I went with black.

I got the horsehair for about $6, 25 yards of it!  It’s not the super stiff kind, it’s soft and a little floppy, but it does add enough drama for more casual dresses like mine.  I got it from here  I am going to place another order very soon.  I want every skirt to have it.

So far, I have washed it in the washing machine (gentle cycle), inside one of the lingerie bags.  I folded the dress neatly in one of the larger sized bags.  I also dried it in the drier, gasp.  It was fine, and everything was intact.  It didn’t seem to move very much in the bag.  I’ll continue to wash it that way.


Mccall’s 6754 Modified

I was too embarrassed to show the back of this dress.  If you remember, this was my first try at the pattern and used it as a wearable muslin.  I guess I got a little swayback adjustment crazy and chopped off too much.  The skirt didn’t hang right at the back.  It still got a lot of wear, and will continue to.


I decided to add a cutout.  It’s out of my comfort zone, and I’m really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, over and over.

circles back

I am pleased with it.  The stitching isn’t perfect around that area.  Oddly, I’m less embarrassed to show the back now.  Plus the busy print hides the stitching defects, right? RIGHT?  Ok maybe just a little from far away, but not so much up close.


Oh, here’s another Mccall’s 6754 I made last year… It has the same issue in the back and I’m tempted to do the same.

blue floweryjerseyblue floweryjerseyback

McCall’s 6754

I love McCall’s 6754. I have made so many dresses from this pattern.  I also don’t plan on stopping.  It’s classic, comfortable and flattering.  I also love these fabrics.

circles lines red

The first one is a matte jersey I got a long time ago from  I fell out of love with the fabric and decided to use it as a muslin. Now, made up in McCall’s 6754, I really like it.

The black and white one is a textured jersey type fabric that came from The National City Swap Meet.

The red one is also a textured jersey from the swap meet.

I have a textured black one cut, but I somehow misplaced the front side princess panels.  I’ll likely have to recut them.  I also got a lot more similar fabric at the swap meet this year and they are begging to be made into McCall’s 6754.