Gertie’s Basic Bodice – Space Dress

I had a vision of a gorgeous vintage inspired white collar combined with a dark moody fabric.  I thought this space fabric would work well.  I like it, but something feels off.  Maybe my ridiculously square shoulders push the collar up too much or my narrow shoulders don’t allow for drama with collars.  I wanted a large dramatic collar.  It’s not quite what I expected.  Combine that with the utter failure of my second attempt with tulip sleeves.  I tried them on another dress a few years ago and made the same mistake again.


I’ll probably wear the dress a lot especially now with the “cooler” weather.  Oooo, 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  It should get cooler soon though.  I also have some leg warmers to make so I can wear under my boots, instead of having to wear tights.

I really wanted a circle or 3/4 circle skirt, but again, I did not buy enough fabric.  I only purchased 2 yards.

I do have 2 yards of very similar fabric that I hope will end up as a nicer dress than this.

I initially made a muslin of the Gertie basic bodice, in muslin fabric and it was loose.  The last two dresses I have made, using the same pattern, have been tight at the waist.  I’ve either gained a few pounds or I made a pretty big mistake with the muslin.  Oh well.  Time to fix the pattern for the now.  There’s also something weird going on at the bust.  I still think I prefer princess seams.  I might convert it to princess seams for the next dress.


The collar looks great on the hanger, but not on me.  The original Gertie Peter Pan collar looked even worse.  Oh well, that’s what fabric is for and learning is for, making mistakes and hopefully I’ll get it right one day.

This is my attempt at a self drafted collar.  The skirt is my go to box pleated skirt.  I’ve forgotten the pattern number it’s from.






Simplicity 8130 – Cherry Dress

I’ve always wanted a cherry dress.  I found the fabric at a remnant bin at Wal-mart, sad, lonely and abandoned. I had to rescue it.  It was only about 1 and a half yards of fabric.  I was concerned it wouldn’t be enough.  Well, it wasn’t enough for a circle skirt.  It was enough for my pleated skirt, more than enough.  I guess it’s a little long.

I left the front band as is, but with a smaller seam allowance.  It’s probably a bit larger than intended.  It’s cut on the bias and is not interfaced.


The red fabric is also from Wal-Mart.  The quality of it seems much better than the quilting cotton I buy from Joann’s.  When I buy solids from Joann’s they fade after one wash.  It leaves white lines at edges, good for jeans, bad for dresses.  This red fabric has held up well after multiple washes.  I can’t tell it’s faded at all.  It’s also cheaper than any of the Joann’s quilting cottons.


The whole dress was probably $7 of fabric and included the zipper price.  Awesome.  I don’t get lucky like that often though. I had purchased a bag of zippers at a thrift store many years ago and hoarded them.  I kept thinking when the heck would I use such a lime green color zipper or this pale yellow zipper.  Well, they have been used.


I seriously need to add hooks to my dresses.