GIR Hoodies

This year I asked Isaac what he wanted to be for Halloween.  I told him he could be anything.  I made suggestions, including Minecraft, Thor, Batman, and other stuff he is interested in.  At first he said Minecraft, but he was three at the time and I figured he would change his mind.  Well, he did.  One day he just said “I want to wear a Gir jacket for Halloween and you too.” Ok, my son wants to dress alike.  Done.  I still thought he might change his mind, so I waited until the last possible moment.  Yes.

A bit of history…. I had first seen a Gir jacket back in 2005 I think, online.  I thought it was so cute.  It was home sewn and I envied the girl that sewed it.  Oh how I wish I could sew.  I started looking at sewing blogs.  The next year I bought my first sewing machine.  Woo hoo! I don’t know why I waited 10! eek, years to sew it.  Well, maybe it’s because I might look silly in it.  I’m not a teenager anymore, but you know what, it makes me happy.  It won’t be an every day item I wear, but, it will be worn.  Maybe not this one, as much. I consider this is my wearable muslin.

I used Ottobre 2011-05 for mine.  I think I used an Ottobre magazine for his too, but I don’t remember which one.  I had labeled it “minion jacket”.  He was really into minions last year.  I made his jacket a bit big, on purpose.  He wore the last GIR hoodie I made him so much, it now fits him like a cropped jacket, a bolero.  This will replace the old one.

I used a 44 for the front and a 38 for the back.  I should have done a straight 44.  I compared the arm holes to the tonic tee and they were practically identical.  I didn’t really need to make any adjustments.  I did make the hood a little bit bigger so I could wear my hair clip with it.  I think on the next make I will add a cord to the hood. The zipper got a little ripply, oh well, next time.

I also made my pants, no big deal, just some stretchy twill.  I need to make the waistband smaller.  I made his pants too.  They aren’t in the picture.  Four items, four days.  Yikes.  They didn’t take long to make, thank goodness.