Another Dress

Yes, another vintage inspired, Cambie look, Elizabeth dress.  I love it.  I love the fabric, love the design.  I want to make more, but everyone around me is so tired of this pattern.  I could have 100 of these dresses in my closet and be happy.  I might make more, to please myself or I might branch out and make a jacket.  I do need to make some cold weather clothes.

This is the only pattern I could make fit on my piece of fabric.  Unfortunately, I did not buy enough and I got shorted a few inches! boo!  The fabric is from the clearance table at Hancock’s.  It said it was 100% cotton.  I of course, did not get enough to do any pattern/print matching.  I probably never will.

Not much to say, except I’m loving having my dream dresses.  Finally.

redfront redback


Simplicity 2444

I am not really pleased with it.  boo.

I saw so many really pretty versions of Simplicity 2444 sewn by wonderful blogger ladies that I went out and bought it.  I started with a size 12.  Compared it to my sloper, and narrowed the shoulders, eliminated the gape at the neck, lengthened the bodice by 1 1/2 inches, added a full bust adjustment, slight square shoulder and did a swayback adjustment of 1 1/2 inches.  By the looks of it, I should have removed more.   After looking at these pictures, I’m not sure I needed a narrow shoulder adjustment.

I’m not sure I’d make it again.  The darts in the front add too much bulk.  I ended up lining the bodice and didn’t think about cutting out the excess in the darts until now.  It doesn’t wow me.  The darts in the front add a little visual interest, but meh.   I don’t like to feel defeated by a pattern so there is a small chance I’ll make it again, but I don’t want to waste fabric, so I’ll just try to move on.

Since I made it I decided to undo the sewn down pleats.  I’d rather have them open.

s2444f s2444b

Sewing for Kids: Shorts

I sewed up some shorts for my 3 year old.  We have a tough time finding bottoms that fit him.  We don’t have issues with tops.  I made a total of 5 pairs of shorts using various fabrics.

This is just a basic short, no pockets.  I sewed it with some mystery cotton, probably quilting cotton.  The shirt is just a basic black shirt that we painted a Batman logo on.  The Batman logo glows in the dark, of course.

fire1 fire2

These other shorts I made took a little bit longer to pattern out.  Then when I was sewing them together I forgot to properly mark them, oops. hahahaha.  Anyway, I really like the result.  Same deal with the shirt.  RTW top painted with a creeper face, which glows in the dark.  These shorts are practice, because I want pants like these for me!

Isaac 2

Doctor Who Comic Dress

I caught a glimpse of the fabric at Joann’s, from far away.  I checked online to see if they had new Doctor Who fabrics and they did!  By the time I was able to get to the store there were less than 2 yards left.  EEK!

I wasn’t able to do any print matching.  I would have preferred to do a side zip so I wouldn’t break the print, but, I didn’t have enough fabric.  I did what I could.  Even though I did what I could and it wasn’t perfect, I really like it.  I wanted the Doctor Who logo a bit more centered, but wasn’t able to.

I used my Cambie vintage inspired Elizabeth dress to make it happen.  It was the only pattern that I could make fit.  The top part of the sleeve is upside down.  That is the only way I could make it fit.  I barely had any scraps left.  Hahaha.

I’m not finished making this pattern.  It is really versatile.  I do plan on hitting some Simplicity patterns soon, but not quite yet.

dotorwhocomicdressfront dotorwhocomicdressback

Oh, and homemade earrings too.  I’ve been experimenting with jewelry making.  They are probably my favorites. Closeup of the earrings…


Floral Dress

Cambie and vintage inspired….

I love the Cambie dress look, but not the gathered waist.  I love pleats though.  I used Burdastyle’s Elizabeth dress bodice as a base and modified it to look like my inspiration.  It still needs a few adjustments.  Petite above the bust adjustment and a tiny swayback adjustment.  I’m thinking about lowering the armhole a tiny bit too.  I had to take it in at the shoulder to correct the fit, so I might not have to change the armholes.  I used a Simplicity skirt I had handy, but do not remember the pattern number.

floral front floralback

I had been saving this fabric with plans to make this dress, and I finally did.  I’m disappointed that it’s not perfect, but whatever.  I need to get over that.  It’s still a pretty dress.  I think all I can see are the flaws, yet my husband says the dress fits well.  It is nice and comfortable.  It’s a nice light airy cotton without any stretch.   I usually buy fabric from SAS fabrics in Tucson or the Phoenix area, which means I get remnants.  They usually do not list fiber content, which is fine by me.  Burn tests usually tell me if it has polyester in it or not.  Most of the time I really don’t mind, at least not yet.  The bodice is lined and the waistband is interfaced.

Simplicity 2451 Fail

I attempted another version of Simplicity 2451, but I totally failed with the fabric.  The fabric was a stiff cotton before washing.  After washing it was a wrinkled mess.  Any wrinkles did not seem to want to be pressed out.  Just moving in the skirt made it wrinkle.  It wrinkles worst than any linen I have ever seen!

Anyway, here is the evidence.



To top it all off, it’s not even very flattering. Boo.  I might still wear it. bwahahaha.  Why right?

I am also still seeing some weirdness like extra pooling in the swayback area.  I’ll get it right soon.

Anyway, I tried a kick pleat instead of a vent.  I always feel self conscious in skirts with vents.


So, I made jeans.  I attempted the top stitching.  Squint your eyes.  The top stitching is atrocious.  I know I can do better, I have.  I just was rushed and did not use a double needle. This pair will be for watering plants and yard work.  Hmm, still have underbutt wrinkles.



I think they are flattering on my backside.  These are from the Calvin Klein jeans, but don’t resemble them at all.  Everything has been changed.

  1. Giant knock knee alteration/ full inner thighs
  2. Front crotch curve, deeply curved and added a bit for full upper front thigh.
  3. Back crotch curve, deeper.
  4. Crazy large fish eye dart below the butt. 1 3/4 in!
  5. Lengthened the front and back by 2 inches.
  6. Changed the back yoke shape.
  7. Added larger pockets in the front and back.
  8. Tilted pelvis alteration

Phew! That seems like a lot. I think this might have to be my, “Finally acceptable” pattern.  I think I could use a larger fish eye dart under the butt, but I’m afraid I might not be able to comfortably sit down.  I might try  with the next pair.  I also have some weird crotch whiskers, but I can live with those, for now.  Unfortunately these are not perfect.  I would like for them to be, but these fit so much better than anything else I have ever had, yay!

I’m so excited.  This opens up possibilities for making “cool jeans” from inspiration ready to wear stuff I’ve seen.  Yay!!!