Cake – The blank canvas tee – with a bow

I attempted this shirt.  The blank canvas tee from Cake.  I tried it with the bow hack.  I also tried to make it fitted, however I totally failed.  I am not used to clothes being this fitted. The back was way too tight.


I decided to add a 3 inch strip to the back in an attempt to save it.


I am not sure it is working.  The shoulders are way too wide now.

I already took out 1.5 inches for swayback, must take out more.

The fabric is mystery fabric that has the drape of neoprene.  I’ll try it again with a different fabric.  Why oh why do I not have fabrics appropriate for the projects I want to make?  I have so much fabric, yet nothing.  grrr.


Burda 2007 09 #116 – Tulip Skirt

Burda 2007 09 #116.  I really liked the tulip shape and wasn’t about to let the serger beat me!  I made the largest size, 44, but it felt a little snug around the fullest part of my butt, but I added too much.  I’ll get it right next time.  I want a lot of these.  They are comfy and have pockets.  Woo hoo!

I think I somehow made the center pleat the wrong way.  Hahaha.  Whatever.

Ignore the bumps and bruises on my legs.  I fell off the treadmill.  Luckily, I only got bumps and bruises and managed to continue jogging a few minutes after I fell.  Long story short, I tripped on too long shoe laces.  Yes, that is how I bought the shoe, with laces that were too long.

burda1f burda1b

Skirt – Simplicity 2451

A cute skirt with pleats.  I made the size 14

Slightly pigeon toed, ugh, not on purpose.


It felt a little big.  So I decided to make it a little smaller.  The size fell between a 12 and 14 and it was almost perfect, except in the back.  I have a little pooling above the butt.  It has been corrected for the next version.



I really like the skirt.  I think I will make more.

The skirt hole ruined my day

It sounds like something you’d say while driving.  Anyway, I wasn’t driving.  I was sewing.  I managed to get over some fears of digging into fabric and making something new.

I made Burda 2007 09 #116, the tulip skirt.  It is so pretty.  I really liked it.  I think I should have made a size bigger.  I sewed the size 44 which was the largest size.  I also did a somewhat of a  tilted hip adjustment.  It wasn’t a proper tilted hip adjustment, but I think it worked.

I really liked it a lot, but as you can see, I did not finish it.


skirt hole4
Why am I so happy about the skirt hole?

As I was serging, fabric got caught and I well, serged a giant hole into it.

See the closeup?  It’s not going to be finished.  It will go to the trash.  Well, I’m taking out the zipper, then in the trash.


Well, the next skirt is cut.  I should have sized up and added a tiny bit of length.  Oh well.  Next time.

I will also need to make some tops to go with these skirts.  I think they need to be more fitted and shorter.  Maybe some kind of crop top?  We’ll see.

Bow Back shirt – yes, another

Basic black bow back shirt.  My modified tonic tee, of course.

Boring right, but, closer to filling my closet with basic tops.  I modified the back neckline because it felt like the bow was pulling in at my shoulders.  It feels a touch too wide, but maybe I’ll just lower the bottom part to compensate.  I’ll have to wear it a while and see what I’ll do.  Plus, my result will be different with other knits.

The fabric is from the National City Swap meet.  There is a lady there that sometimes sells a bag of fabric for $5!  Most are 1 yard or less and often have printing errors, or holes, but for experiments, and muslins it is fantastic.  It also forces me to think creatively about what I will do with it. I bought 2 bags last time and I think I’ve sewn through 75% of it!

This fabric’s fiber content feels like a beefy cotton/spandex.

I will need to make more of these, but I don’t think I need to post any more of these, they all look the same.  I’ll try to make a different one next time, like a different colored bow or something.

bowf bowb

Burda 2013 02 #127 Gathered Raglan Sleeve Shirt

I really liked it when I saw it in the magazine.  I am in need of basic tops for skirts, so I decided to make it.  I really like it.  I think it will get a lot of wear.  Especially if I make more jeans.  I have plenty of fabric for that, but I just dislike jeans right now.  Maybe I’ll try a different kind of pant.

I made a quick muslin of the shirt.  It needed a petite adjustment in the shoulders.  The length is a little short, but I like it.  I think it’s perfect for my skirts.  I do think it could use an FBA.  The previous fabric was a lot more stretchy than this one.  I inserted the binding with too much stretching, so there are gathers around the neckline that I’m not too fond of.

I also made the jeans.  It was during my very rushed time of attempting to make 2 jeans, 3 tops and a jacket to got to San Diego.  I get cold and need a jacket when it’s less than 74 really. hahaha.  I guess living in Tucson will do that.  I was successful with my goal, 2 jeans (from old CK jeans I had), 3 tops (plantains) and a Burda jacket princess seams in the front, no collar just a zipper.  The jeans do not fit very well, and this fabric can stand up by itself.  However, it’s a better fit than ANY RTW that I have had, EVER.  The jacket desperately needed an FBA, but I didn’t have time to do the adjustments and make another. I unpicked the seam and sewed a teeny tiny seam allowance.  I guess I forgot to use a jersey needle or ballpoint.  I thought I did, but the unpicking made it have lots of holes.  Oh well.  I don’t really like wearing it.  I did during the trip because I was cold.  The shirts, just Plantain shirts, but I realized since I like my shirts shorter, the hip ease wasn’t working, as you can see here.  I think they would look nice if I left the length as drafted.

Anyway, Burda shirt right…..

Getting ready to water the plants, which is the only time I wear these pants.


Mwahahahahahaha – Doctor Who Villians Dress

I used the Elizabeth Dress bodice as the base for this.  Holy cow, that puppy needed so many alterations, forward shoulder, narrow shoulder, FBA, swayback and petite shoulder adjustment (only to the front).  In addition I got it in my head that I wanted to do princess seams so I chopped up the pattern.  I should have just left it.  I ended up adding 1/2 in to the bodice length.  Mistake.  It’s too long in the bodice.  Whatever.  Maybe I’ll fix it later, maybe I won’t.  I already chopped up a lot, to make it as even as I could.

I decided not to line it and tried out facings.  I HATE facings.  Last time I do that.

Do people actually go through and do all the alterations every single time?  Seems like a giant pain in the butt.  It’s just easier to change a sloper pattern.  However, I will continue to try additional commercial patterns.  I guess in time, the adjustments will go really fast.  I guess I’ll make more patterns that need a million adjustments because I like to torture myself.

Even with everything I dislike about the dress, I suspect I will wear it a lot.  It’s loose and comfortable.