Mccall’s 6754 Modified

I was too embarrassed to show the back of this dress.  If you remember, this was my first try at the pattern and used it as a wearable muslin.  I guess I got a little swayback adjustment crazy and chopped off too much.  The skirt didn’t hang right at the back.  It still got a lot of wear, and will continue to.


I decided to add a cutout.  It’s out of my comfort zone, and I’m really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, over and over.

circles back

I am pleased with it.  The stitching isn’t perfect around that area.  Oddly, I’m less embarrassed to show the back now.  Plus the busy print hides the stitching defects, right? RIGHT?  Ok maybe just a little from far away, but not so much up close.


Oh, here’s another Mccall’s 6754 I made last year… It has the same issue in the back and I’m tempted to do the same.

blue floweryjerseyblue floweryjerseyback


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