Old picture

I came across an old pic of me in front of a sewing machine.  I was pretending to sew.   I did not learn how, until I was an adult.  Progress on my blue dress is coming, but very slow.



Tonic Tee Hack Again

I tried to improve the “not a” Lekala 4284 copy I made before.  I still think it’s so cute.  This time with a “plain” front and a bow back.

In a hardly any stretch brown with a 3/4 FBA! I think I still need a larger FBA.  The back is horribly wrinkled.  I swear the hem is even!  I checked!

bowbackshirtbrownf bowbackshirtbrownb

In an off grain print.  This fabric was very stretchy.  No FBA.

pinkbowback f pinkbowback b

The skirt is a ready to wear pencil skirt I found at a thrift store.

“Not a” Cambie Dress

I loved this purple quilting cotton from Hancock’s.  I think purple is my favorite color.  Anyway, I saw the Cambie dress when Tasia released it and I had hearts in my eyes.  I was this close to purchasing.  Then I heard the little voice in my head.  “Try drafting it first”  That little voice in my head can be annoying, but it was right.  I didn’t look forward to the possibility of an FBA on an untested pattern and I am not a pear shape, so, voice, many thank yous.

I didn’t quite get the fit right.  I sewed this up last year so it was the very very first pattern I tried to draft on my own using my trusty sloper (that still had fit issues).  The waistband doesn’t sit in the right place, the HBL is off  and the neckline needs to be lowered slightly.  These are some of the major issues I have with it.  Is it comfortable, yes.  Is it flattering, maybe. I really like wearing it despite my issues with it.  I love the sweetheart neckline, the gathers and the pleated skirt (not included in the real Cambie version).  I want pleats on every skirt!

not a cambie purple f
Ooo I have pockets.

I need more practice with centered zippers, and lapped zippers.
notacambiefront windy
This is a fun picture. The wind was blowing my skirt up.

I’m enjoying drafting my own patterns.  It forces me to try to learn something new.

Tonic Tee

I was searching for a TNT tee shirt pattern.  I tried drafting my own, but it was a big failure.  I ran across the Tonic tee.  It fit very well without any modifications.  I think I do need to make some kind of cheater FBA. I think I have found my TNT tee! Yay! Happy dance.

I made a gray version.

tonicteeshirtgreyb tonicteeshirtgreyf

A green version. Apologies for the crazy hair.  It was a windy day.

tonic green

and a modified version which deserves it’s own post.

Mccall’s 6754 Modified

I was too embarrassed to show the back of this dress.  If you remember, this was my first try at the pattern and used it as a wearable muslin.  I guess I got a little swayback adjustment crazy and chopped off too much.  The skirt didn’t hang right at the back.  It still got a lot of wear, and will continue to.


I decided to add a cutout.  It’s out of my comfort zone, and I’m really trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, over and over.

circles back

I am pleased with it.  The stitching isn’t perfect around that area.  Oddly, I’m less embarrassed to show the back now.  Plus the busy print hides the stitching defects, right? RIGHT?  Ok maybe just a little from far away, but not so much up close.


Oh, here’s another Mccall’s 6754 I made last year… It has the same issue in the back and I’m tempted to do the same.

blue floweryjerseyblue floweryjerseyback

Fabric Purchase ….. Again – oops

Here I am complaining about how much fabric I have and how I need to sew, and what do I do? Buy more fabric of course, in a rainbow of colors.

All are poly ponte knits except the polka dot one.  That one is a 4 way stretch jersey, very soft.  The white one was labeled scuba, but looks just like poly ponte to me. The pink one is a rayon blend ponte.

For future me: yardage: black – 2, polka dot – .75, lighter blue – 3, pink .25, blue – .5, white – 2.


Oh yes, I did sew today.  Two quick Tonic Tees.  One regular and one modified.  I love the Tonic Tee pattern.  I’m gonna hack the living daylights out of that pattern.  Hopefully I can get pictures taken and up tomorrow.

I have not been a big fan of leggings to wear out of the house, but I did find some 4 way stretch denim that I forgot to get today.  Oh no, another trip to the fabric store?  ugh.  Anyway, I’m thinking about making interesting leggings.  I still feel frumpy in jeans.  I don’t know if I’ll feel like I can leave the house in leggings, but maybe if they turn out like my vision, I might.  We will see.  I still need the fabric.  Hopefully it’s still there tomorrow.

Fabric/Notions Purchase

I really need to sew more.  I keep buying fabric with plans, plans, plans, then things just don’t get done.  I seem to think that all of my fabric is too precious for me to cut in to.  I’m always afraid I will ruin the fabric.  I really need to get out of that mindset.  So, here we go.  There will always be pretty fabric.  ALWAYS.  Ok, so I really need to believe this.  I sort of do, but…. you know how it goes.

Anyway, I’m also going to force myself to post my fabric purchases.  Maybe it will be easier to keep track of it and actually use it.

I bought 2 cuts of fabric to make shorts for my 3 year old.  He is a bit skinny so it’s difficult to find RTW bottoms that fit him.  I already started working on shorts for him.  They just need to be hemmed.  No pockets just essentially a test.  He says he doesn’t like them.  I might need to perk them up with pockets and flaps that have his favorite characters hidden under the flap or something.

Lots of bulk elastic, for uhm, lounging (pj, yoga, leggings, whatever is stretchy and comfy) pants for me.  You know how that is.  I also got bulk velcro, for velcro emergencies or sewing capes on tshirts because that is so cool.

I also got some snap tape.  I’m hoping to make some body suits.  I have a long torso so I’ve always been afraid of the pulling, uncomfortable, sometimes painful pulling.  Duh, I can make the torso longer if I sew it.  Would I wear them? I don’t know.  It’s out of my comfort zone, but maybe.  After all, like I said, I really am trying to push myself to try new things.

lacenude lace

Two nude stretch laces for the possibility of making bras in the near future… Must acquire additional bra making supplies.


Some white non stretch lace, just in case I needed lace.

blue linen

Two yards of a blue linen blend similar in color to the first version of my heart bodice.  Woo hoo!  I love the color.  Not quite right in this pic.

purple blend

A purple cotton blend.  There was only a little over a yard left.  I’m going to try to squeeze a dress out of it.  It is pretty wide, I think.

A small part of me is afraid to work in solid colors because any small issue will really show.  I just need to dive in.  ahhhhh!

I also need to find a free place to host my pictures that doesn’t require a mobile number, cough, flickr, grrr.  Then I can take and post higher quality pictures.