McCall’s 6754

I love McCall’s 6754. I have made so many dresses from this pattern.  I also don’t plan on stopping.  It’s classic, comfortable and flattering.  I also love these fabrics.

circles lines red

The first one is a matte jersey I got a long time ago from  I fell out of love with the fabric and decided to use it as a muslin. Now, made up in McCall’s 6754, I really like it.

The black and white one is a textured jersey type fabric that came from The National City Swap Meet.

The red one is also a textured jersey from the swap meet.

I have a textured black one cut, but I somehow misplaced the front side princess panels.  I’ll likely have to recut them.  I also got a lot more similar fabric at the swap meet this year and they are begging to be made into McCall’s 6754.


Flowery Linen Dress

There isn’t much to say about this dress.  It’s comfortable and practical.  I used my bodice sloper and made a small v neck. I converted my darted sloper in to princess seams that start at the shoulder.  I hoped this might be more flattering and I actually think it is.  I’ll have to use it again to make sure.

I should have made it a little lower and wider, next time.  I used the sleeves from a simplicity pattern. I don’t even remember which one.  They don’t fit quite right.  The skirt ended up being a half circle skirt, maybe more.  I slashed and spread my skirt pattern to get the fullest skirt I could from the fabric after I had washed it.

The dress is fully lined, and really heavy. It is a linen I got at Joann’s not too long ago. It doesn’t wrinkle as much as I expected, which is nice.  I think I might give my summery bow back dress a small rest and wear this more often.


Hmm, It arches up at the back hem. Must investigate.

Heart Dress vol 2

I am very proud of this dress.   My puff sleeve, heart bodice, bow back dress.  That’s a mouthful.  I’ll work on giving these self drafted dresses more interesting and hopefully shorter names.  It is a self drafted bodice with some very simple dart manipulation to get the heart shape. I kept trying to make the heart look better.  Each version I made was an improvement, but not good enough to cut into my precious (meaning any) fabrics.  This is the 5th draft of the bodice, second attempt at cutting any fabric.

I got the fabric at a thrift shop a long time ago.  I had been saving it for the right dress.


I changed the location of the heart fullness and lowered the neckline.   I borrowed the skirt from Simplicity 2886. I also added a little something to the back. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.  My favorite so far.


I will make one final attempt at the dress.  It will benefit from interfacing at the heart front and tweaks to the fit.